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Drama & Theatre

Although it does not feature in the English National Curriculum in its own right, Drama is a highly creative and practical subject. In the best schools learners enjoy making, performing and analysing Drama with a specialist teacher, there is equity with Music and Art in the curriculum design in KS3 and opportunities for KS4 progression. Drama is highly motivating, multi-sensory and active, links learning cognitively and affectively and is therefore memorable. Drama has roots in imitation and mimicry (the first learning style) and then through dramatic play, which is holistic and helps develop strong neural pathways for children who are developing normally. Drama supports and develops these important educational processes.


Dance provides a highly popular way of getting children and young people active while providing opportunities for self-expression and creativity. As well as being included in the English PE curriculum at Key Stages 1 to 3, Dance is also a unique and powerful subject in its own right. Over recent years, shifting educational priorities have caused this vibrant and rich subject to be diminished which is alarming news, especially in light of the creative industries being the fastest growing part of the UK economy!

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