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NPQLTD news 


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Scholarship funding extended for another two years.

NPQ scholarship funding will continue for the next two years, covering academic years 2022/23 and 2023/24.

Targeted Support Fund - is your setting eligible for additional funding?

For small primary, secondary and 16-18 institutions including additional funding for schools of £200 per participant to settings with 1-600 pupils.

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‘LSSW are pleased to announce that due to a very successful recruitment period to date and the very busy end of term for some colleagues who have been unable to submit their applications, we have agreed to extend the current application window for cohort 2a until Friday the 23rd September 2022. Applications received after this date will be held until cohort 2b in the Spring Term’


It is important to collect together the information that you will require prior to starting the application form. The attached application guidance form below will help you to do this.

Once you have completed the guidance document you can proceed to the Application form here -  LSSW NPQ Application Form Autumn 2022


Teacher Reference number (TRN)

In order to apply for an NPQ you will need to have a TRN. If you already have one but have forgotten it or you do not have a TRN, you will need to contact the DfE for clarification. You are able to request a TRN even if you do not hold QTS. We have attached a guidance sheet below which will take you through this process.