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OneCornwall CPD offer 2023/2024

The delivery of our our OneCornwall CPD has now concluded with the exception of the 'All children belong in school' programme where colleagues are continuing to work on test and learn projects. This programme will end in June 2025. We will continue to share interim reports and resources through the website.

'Transforming Attendance' in Cornwall

This year, along with partners from across Cornwall, regionally and nationally, we have been pleased to provide PD to support a countywide initiative to improve attendance in our schools. We are delighted that Marc Rowland has  supported us with this work to provide PD that is focussed on supporting the strategy. In addition to the one-day events, he will be delivering focussed programmes on developing ‘Belonging’ in our schools.

An invitation from our programme lead Marc Rowland, to share your experience and expertise to 'Transform Attendance in Cornwall'

Despite our best efforts, absence rates remain stubbornly high. Inconsistent school attendance patterns, inconsistent lesson attendance patterns and a lack of participation in school are issues that many of us are grappling with.

We want to work together to implement a long-term approach, rooted in the unique contexts of individual schools and community.

We will use the EEF's implementation guidance to:

Explore the underlying drivers for poor / inconsistent attendance

Prepare for addressing these issues, working with individual schools and their priorities. This will include developing implementation plans, an attendance strategy audit and an impact evaluation framework.

Deliver plans that will mitigate issues impacting on attendance across all aspects of school life

Sustain those strategies by building an evidence base and resources that will be available to support every school and family in Cornwall.

We will adopt an outward-facing approach - working with schools on a test and learn approach, trialling best bets for improving attendance and participation in a range of school contexts. We will work with all key stakeholders, and learn from excellent practice within and beyond Cornwall.

Please join us. We will address this stubborn issue by working together through system generosity. Being involved helps create the evidence base for what's effective and what to avoid - based on work in Cornish schools to support Cornish pupils.

Resources from our CPD programmes can be found via the links below

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