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The Education Effectiveness team at Cornwall Council have developed a Mentoring, Coaching and Leadership Framework.

The Framework develops the mentoring and coaching skills of teachers and leaders at all levels. It promotes a professional learning community based on reflection, collaboration, shared values and openness. It can be applied widely in the school/organisational community, for all those who are engaged in developing and leading mentoring and coaching practice.

Packages available 

Two packages are available through a Cornwall SLA offer:

A – For senior leaders and aspiring leaders. In-depth relevant and practical training across 3 sessions, on the knowledge and skills required to mentor and coach. Ongoing termly support to develop a mentoring and coaching programme across the organisation.

B – An identified group of staff within a MAT or school, to engage in the recognition framework to support professional development across the organisation.

The package would include one training session and two follow-up visits to the school.

For more information email or

Or select option A or B under Coaching and Mentoring Framework via school messenger.