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Pre - Launch survey

We have shared a summary of our survey responses with attendees

Launch day materials

We are pleased to be able to share the materials from the launch day. We will also be adding soon adding a video of our presentations to accompany the slides, which can be downloaded below. (Please note that some of our content from the day cannot be shared.)


Marc Rowland, opened the conversation by setting out how we are going to approach 'Transforming Attendance in Cornwall'. Marc stressed that this is the beginning of a piece of work that will continue for the next 2 years. Throughout the day, Marc explored the underlying drivers for poor/inconsistent attendance and the importance of looking behind the data.

We had presentations from:
  • Kate Wilkins & Vicky Gordon - 'Affordable schools'
  • Emma French - Director of Safeguarding at Bodmin College
  • Kaye Haywood - 'Creating Belonging
Roundtable discussions

Thank you to all our colleagues who facilitated our discussions. We have shared a summary of the discussion with attendees.