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Children’s early understanding of number is strongly associated with later mathematical achievement in primary and secondary school, and mathematical achievement in turn strongly predicts children’s overall achievement.

This cross-phase programme brings schools together to explore practical, evidence-informed approaches for improving mathematics in the Early Years and Key Stage One.

Engaging with the best available evidence, practitioners and leaders will develop and implement a bespoke mathematics improvement plan for their setting so that all children can flourish.

The programme will focus on the five evidence-informed recommendations from the EEF’s ‘Early Maths’ guidance report, published in January 2020.

1. Develop practitioners’ understanding of how children learn mathematics

2. Dedicate time for children to learn mathematics and integrate mathematics throughout the day

3. Use manipulatives and representations to develop understanding

4. Ensure that teaching builds on what children already know

5. Use high quality targeted support to help all children learn mathematics

Programme aims

To support settings to make and act on evidence-informed decisions to close the attainment gap for children most at risk of underachieving in mathematics.

To explore the evidence, identify priorities for participants' settings, and support them in writing an action plan to implement long-term change.

Structure and audience

The programme is a blend of self-directed, remote and face-to-face professional learning. There will be a focus throughout on planning for effective change, and all course materials will be shared.

This course is intended for maths leads, Key Stage One teachers, Early Years practitioners, school senior leaders, and nursery practitioners and managers. We strongly recommend that the programme is attended by at least two people from each setting.


Day 1                         Friday 12th January 2024 (9am - 3pm)

Day 2                   Friday 23rd February 2024 (9am - 3pm)

Day 3                       Friday 8th March 2024 (9am - 3pm)

Cost: £250

Venue:  St Austell Print Conference Centre

Face 2 Face sessions will be held at St Austell Print Conference Centre.

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