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Full Induction Programme

OneCornwall offer the Full Induction Programme in partnership with Teach First.

All schools that offer a statutory induction are required to have an Appropriate Body (AB) for their Early Career Teachers (ECTs). ABs play a key role in statutory teacher induction. In addition to monitoring that ECTs receive their statutory entitlements, ABs will support schools and ECTs to meet the statutory guidance.

• Full access to OneCornwall TSH AB services.
• AB registration of ECTs on the TRA system.
• Regular checks of monitoring reports and formal
  assessment points at the end of year 1 and 2 of induction.
• Additional support for ECTs not meeting Teachers’

You will also need to register your ECT with OneCornwall for the ECF programme ( to take part in this programme.

Please see more details here



£195 per ECT per year