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Enhancing engagement & belonging through curriculum

We are delighted to welcome Mary Myatt back to Cornwall to deliver this one-day engagement event in two parts.

Mary Myatt is an education adviser, writer and expert speaker working in partnership with The Learning Line. She curates Myatt & Co, where she works with colleagues to develop thoughtful work on the curriculum and wider school improvement. She trained as an RE teacher and is a former local authority adviser and inspector. Drawing on her work with pupils, teachers and leaders, she writes and speaks about learning, leadership and the curriculum. 

She has worked in small schools, for large trusts, national and international organisations. Her education philosophy is underpinned by several principles: that all children deserve rich, demanding work, that high quality talk underpins learning, that human beings are curious and that they find deep work very satisfying. 

Mary has written extensively about leadership, school improvement and the curriculum: ‘High Challenge, Low Threat’‘Hopeful Schools’ and The Curriculum: Gallimaufry to Coherence’Back on Track’Huh: Curriculum Conversations between subject and senior leaders and Primary Huh

Mary has been a governor of three schools, and a trustee for a Multi Academy Trust. She co-founded the RE Quality Mark, was chair of the board for the Centre for Education and Youth and was a member of the curriculum advisory group for Oak National Academy

Her current projects include Huh AcademyThe Teachers’ Collection and Myatt & Co.

She maintains that there are no quick fixes and that great outcomes for pupils are not achieved through tick boxes.

Find Mary on Twitter: @MaryMyatt

Resources from the programme can be accessed below.

Please note these resources are not for commercial use and copyright remains with the presenters.