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Cornwall Education Partnership aims to bring together representatives from all education providers to establish shared priorities to help support improvements across the county.

Goals for 2022/23 

To establish CEP as a representative group and establish its relationships to the LA, existing networks and its operational board.
Beginning with a focus on attendance, to forge new methods for gaining authoritative insight that will allow us to set meaningful strategic goals for improving the life chances of all children in Cornwall.
Formulation of the wider long term strategy for educational improvement in Cornwall so that the group can eventually lead this strand of work.

Goals for 2023/24

To establish an independent Chair of the Partnership
To begin to develop an Education Strategy for improving outcomes and life chances across Cornwall and to consult partners on a wider range of strategic areas which may include;
Social mobility
KS2 outcomes including mathematics
Leadership development including training and succession
Early years development
All key stage outcomes
Cornwall Education Partnership Chair

Dan Buckley, CEO SMART Multi Academy Trust