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'All children belong in school'

‘All children belong in school’

Low attendance is identified as an area for improvement in all phases in Cornwall. These programmes support a countywide strategy to improve belonging and attendance in schools. Using a rigorous assessment of need, this programme will support leaders and teachers to plan, implement and evaluate an evidence - informed approach, ensuring all pupils thrive in school.

The programme covered:

Creating a whole school culture for improving attendance.

The symptoms and underlying causes of poor attendance:

  • understanding the drivers for poor / inconsistent attendance (pupils / families, geographical, school based)
  • understanding and addressing 'learning absence' (pupils in school but not participating in learning). 

Understanding how to effectively respond to different drivers:

  • in the classroom
  • through pastoral care
  • through personal development
  • through working with families.

The use of the self-review to understand challenges and strengths:

  • using qualitative and quantitative measures of success.
  • developing a Quality Assured implementation plan for addressing attendance challenges

Although the delivery of this programme has now been completed, we will continue to support colleagues with their test & learn projects. 

We will share the outcomes of these on completion.