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'All children belong in school'

‘All children belong in school’

Low attendance is identified as an area for improvement in all phases in Cornwall. These programmes support a countywide strategy to improve belonging and attendance in schools. Using a rigorous assessment of need, this programme will support leaders and teachers to plan, implement and evaluate an evidence - informed approach, ensuring all pupils thrive in school.

The programme will be divided into one-day phase specific, face-to-face events, supported by a virtual pre - and post-twilight session. There will be two opportunities to access this programme.

The programme will cover:

Creating a whole school culture for improving attendance.

The symptoms and underlying causes of poor attendance:

  • understanding the drivers for poor / inconsistent attendance (pupils / families, geographical, school based)
  • understanding and addressing 'learning absence' (pupils in school but not participating in learning). 

Understanding how to effectively respond to different drivers:

  • in the classroom
  • through pastoral care
  • through personal development
  • through working with families.

The use of the self-review to understand challenges and strengths:

  • using qualitative and quantitative measures of success.
  • developing a Quality Assured implementation plan for addressing attendance challenges

Cohort 1

Virtual, cross phase pre-session twilight - 20.2.24, 4.00pm - 5.00pm.

'All children belong in school' - EYFS & Primary

Face to face - 29th February 2024 - Venton Conference Centre, Summercourt

'All children belong in schools and colleges' - Secondary & Post 16

Face to face - 1st March 2024 - Venton Conference Centre, Summercourt

Virtual cross phase post session twilight - 12.3.24 4.00pm - 5.00pm.

Cohort 2 

Virtual, Cross phase pre-session twilight - 18.4.24 4.00pm - 5.00pm.

'All children belong in school' - EYFS & Primary

Face to face - 29th April 2024 - St Austell Print Conference Centre

'All children belong in schools and colleges' - Secondary & Post 16

Face to face - 30th April 2024 - Venton Conference Centre, Summercourt

Virtual, cross phase - post session twilight - 9.5.24 4.00pm - 5.00pm.

Programme costs

Fully Funded.

Please book onto this programme here
Free places are available for each of the programmes listed below (see programme page for more details).

Right Support, Right Place, Right Time

Belonging to promote engagement

Enhancing engagement & belonging through curriculum