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The Early Career Framework Reforms

Early Career Framework Reforms

The Early Career Framework (ECF) reforms will create a change in support for early career teachers, providing a funded entitlement to a structured 2-year package of high quality professional development. The reforms are part of the government’s Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy, found here, which aims to improve the training and development opportunities available to teachers.

From September 2021, the government is funding an entitlement for all early career teachers in England to access high quality professional development at the start of their career. New teachers will now receive development support and training over 2 years instead of one.

The offer for early career teachers includes:

  • 2 years of new, funded, high quality training freely available
  • additional funding for 5% time away from the classroom for teachers in their second year
  • a dedicated mentor and support for these mentors
  • funding to cover mentors’ time with the mentee in the second year of teaching
  • appropriate bodies will have a role in ensuring that a suitable ECF-based programme of support is in place

The Early Career Framework

Is the evidence base which underpins this new entitlement for early career teachers’ professional development. It sets out what all early career teachers should learn about and learn how to do during the first 2 years of their careers. It includes sections on:

  • behaviour management
  • pedagogy
  • curriculum assessment
  • professional behaviours

What is changing

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