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NQT+1 programme

NQT+1s are welcome to join the programme at any point, we also welcome teachers in year 2 & 3.



To book a place on our NQT+1 programme
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In recognition of the challenging time that schools have faced over the last year and the additional challenge that this presented for our current NQTs, the DfE have recently announced that for current NQTs who will enter their second year of teaching this September, they will be providing funding equivalent to 5% off timetable.

The DfE are calling this group NQTs+1

The DfE recognise that it is very late in the academic year to expect schools to alter timetables for staff, so this is not a statutory requirement, and schools have been given flexibility in how this time is used.

Schools may decide to 'bank' time to give time off timetable in a block, or they may decide to use the time for NQTs+1 to attend professional development sessions.

Schools will need to claim this funding in arrears at the end of the academic year and indicate to the DfE how the funding has been used.