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Kernow Talks - Primary Oracy project
This six module programme led by Dr James Rogers and Judy Clark advisor to the National Literacy Trust and lecturer at Marjon University is a primary oracy programme building on the successful Kernow Talks programme delivered to 70 primary schools in 2020-21.
It is suitable for primary oracy leads. We would also welcome primary headteachers and governors to the launch.
Oracy is crucial

The focus on oracy to support a return to school and to access the curriculum is even more important following the impact of school closures, particularly for our most vulnerable children. We have witnessed the benefits in terms of wellbeing and an ability to articulate and express emotions, feelings and anxieties, and we also know oracy is crucial in terms of pedagogy and being able to access all aspects of the curriculum and learning. Therefore, developing whole school oracy skills for all staff, we believe, will be strategically important as schools operate through 2022.

Aims & Outcomes

The programme will improve teachers’ theoretical and pedagogical understanding of dialogic talk for learning, with a particular focus on disadvantaged pupils’ oracy development and educational outcomes. Other performance indicators could include pupil attendance (linked to improved behaviour and engagement), maths reasoning, reading, writing, and, potentially in the second phase, parental engagement.

  • Clearly defined and contextualised oracy with school leaders and chairs of governance.
  • Equip oracy leads with knowledge, skills and practical strategies to effectively develop children’s language through planning, teaching, modelling and assessment.
  • Equip CPD/Oracy leads with strategies on implementation of high-quality, sustainable professional development and to develop collaborative professional learning networks to ensure sustainability.
  • Evidence the impact of the training on perceived confidence and efficacy on oracy practice.

Dr James Rogers talks about the Oracy programme in this short video.

The programme details can be downloaded below

You can book your place here